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Rosters, Birth Certificates, and fees

Reminder to all coaches, That all roasters, birth certificates, and fees. Need to be handed in as soon as possible or before your game.



Let’s all join together to make this a spectacular event and Thanksgiving Season!!


THUR 11/16 BA 5:15PM Mt.Carmel vs. St. Francis
5:35PM St.Julie vs.St. Mary NB
6:00PM St.Mary D1 vs.St. John St. James
6:20PM St. Mary D2 vs. St. Julie 3
6:40PM St. Julie 2vs.St. John N1

FRI 11/17 GA 5:30PM St. Julie vs.St. John St. James
5:50PM St. Julies. vs.St. Mary NB
6:10PM St. Mary NB vs. St. Francis

SAT 11/18 GC 1:00PM Holy Family/HN vs.St. Francis
1:20AM St. Julies.St. Francis 2
1:45PM St. John N vs.St. John St. James

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